Kleinmann & Consultants GmbH

Fields of advice



Increase in “qualificiency” – improved results through better quality

Anticipatory startup management/advanced quality management

  • Gateway system running parallel to development processes
  • Gate reviews incl. Pre-startup Gate Readiness Audits
  • Program Management Audit Tool (PAT)
  • Advanced Run&Rate Audit

Operational quality management in the factory

  • Manufacturing Quality Basics (MQB), fundamental improvements in quality
  • Quality circle organisation “Let‘s solve our own problems!”
  • “End-of-line quality control”
  • Programmes to minimise production rejects

Professional management of customer complaints

  • Long-term problem-solving – Effective PDCA (plan, do, check, act) management
  • Qup! – the problem-solving method
  • Regression optimisation
  • Professional crisis management

Improving supplier quality

  • Implementation of complete supplier quality assurance systems
  • Supplier rating and auditing
  • Strategic supplier development
  • Task force deployment

Advanced DevelopmentAdvanced Development

Quickly and efficiently to a ready-for-market product state

Development organization

  • Resource and capacity management
  • Project Management Office/PMO
  • Performance agreements for points of intersection
  • Ensure employee qualification

Development processes

  • Standardization of product development process
  • Management for degrees of product maturity
  • Gateway tracking
  • Change management
  • Escalation process for limit violations
  • Launch management / Run@Rate

Development cost management

  • Project cost calculation
  • Tracking of development cost
  • Project controlling/reporting
  • Determine development KPIs to increase performance

Development strategy

  • Development roadmap
  • Shared resources approach for cross-management
  • Value stream analysis/value engin. VA/VE
  • Product portfolio engineering
  • Define development strategies
    • Strategic goals
    • Key figures & measures

leanLean for the future

Lean manufacturing tools for improving quality, flexibility and efficiency

Defining and deploying KPIs in the company

  • Vision -> Strategy -> Objectives -> KPIs
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – tailored specifically to the customer
  • Monthly performance metrics management with analysis and follow-up measures


  • Ideas management – harnessing the brains of the workforce
  • Introduction of kanban – the key to short throughput times (TPT) and low WIP
  • Reduced setup times – a prerequisite for flexibility and small batch sizes
  • Training programmes – how to become a “learning company”

TPM – how to develop a robust production environment

  • The 6 pillars of Total Productive Maintenance
  • 5-S as the catalyst
  • Determining OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and what to do about it

Organisation of production

  • Mastering complexity through modularisation and standardisation
  • Continuous production flow through lean factory layouts
  • Eliminating disturbance factors by analysing and controlling the planning process
  • From Lean to Industry 4.0

factoryFactory construction in CEE

Relocation of production to Russia or other Central or Eastern European countries

Many small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) would like to move into new fields of business in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in pursuit of their:

  • own expansion plans,
  • customer demand.

These companies often lack sufficient knowledge of:

  • The benefits and drawbacks of the individual regions
  • Local investment incentives
  • The country’s less familiar business practices and customs
  • Local laws and regulations

There may also in some cases also be doubts about criminality and corruption in the country

  • Cooperation with reliable local partners
  • Correct behaviour, use of legal certainty

Kleinmann & Consultants can offer a suitable solution:

  • Business development from the initial business concept through to ramp-up
  • Turnkey solution with direct involvement of the subsequent management team